Who are we?

Forkliftmuseum is an international platform where forklift enthusiasts meet, share photos and get the latest updates about exotic models. We’re proud to say Forkliftmuseum was created for the fans, by the fans. This website was established in 2016. TVH Group and Pagat Gold are the driving forces behind this concept.


The core of our website is formed by the spots. Every person in the possession of a camera who spots a vintage forklift can send us their pictures to share them with other passionate forklift enthusiasts. Every day, several spots, from all over the world are uploaded to our website.  We currently have the largest collection of vintage forklift photos.


Our news section covers the latest news about vintage forklifts and new features on Forkliftmuseum.com. We make sure you’ll be the first to know.

If you have tips, suggestions or have something to share with us, send us an e-mail and you’ll also contribute to our unique community!